Comic creator Rob Liefeld is a very active twitter user.

Anyone who follows him might have noticed that the man isn't stingy when it comes to exclamation points.

Lets look at how many exclamation points the man really uses.

This data is analyzing 22837 tweets. This is excluding any retweets and includes as much twitter history as the API allows. Data is refreshed every 30 minutes

Out of 22837 tweets, 9072 have exclamation points.

This means that 39.73% of Rob Liefeld's tweets use exclamation points

Of the tweets that have exclamation points, the average number of exclamation points per tweet is 2.0755.

The distribution of exclamation points per tweet is:

Exclamations Points Number of Tweets

On the average day, Liefeld uses 18 exclamation points. So far today he has used 0. Based on the daily average, we can see how excited Liefeld is today:

Hopefully you'll check back every day to see how excited Liefeld is, but in case you missed a day here is the entire history of daily exclamation point totals.

In case you were wondering if there are any days of the week Liefeld is more excitable than others, here are the total exclamations per day of the week

Finally, to give these numbers some meaning, here are 10 of the most impressive tweets:

27 exclamation points: Lakers!!!!!!! Kobe!!!!! .....just gotta get it out!!! Phil!!! Pau!!! Fisher!!! Ronny!!!

14 exclamation points: In n Out!!!!!!! Double-double with grilled onions!!!! Heaven!!!

13 exclamation points: Suck it Golden State!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 exclamation points: Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 exclamation points: Wizard World New Orleans was HUGE!! Bigger than big!! Great crowd, big business!!! Go Wizard! Go fans!!

10 exclamation points: LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

10 exclamation points: DENIED!!!!!!!!!!

10 exclamation points: Things to do list 1) Draw 2) see Harry Potter finale and 3) COMIC CON!!!!!!!!!!

10 exclamation points: Derek Fisher!!!! D-Fish!!!!!!

10 exclamation points: Taco Tuesday!!!! Summer weather, shorts, flip flops!!! Great day!! Much work done, many exciting happenings!